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I Wanna Be with You
Written and Recorded
by Frank McKinnon


I like the way you are.
I like the way you sing.
I like the way you play with me.
I like the way you are
in everything I see you do.
I wanna be with you.

I don't know where this will lead.
There's only so much I can do.
So, I'm tellin' you now.
I wanna be with you.

There's gonna be a party
Music playin' 'till late at night.
Will you come with me
and sing along?
Makin' beautiful music;
we can sing to the stars and the moon.
And, if it last 'till mornin',
we can sing to the sun.



We can go the mountain,
sit between the trees,
watch the water flowing
in the creek.
We can go anywhere.
It doesn't matter to me,
as long as I am with you.


MP3 Copy of Studio Recording
Recorded in 2000

If your computer won't play it on this page, then try the link below.

[MP3 Copy of Studio Recording]

David Smith: Guitar
Tom Blake: Vocal Harmony
Jim Ostrander: Bass Guitar
Frank McKinnon: Guitar, Percussion and Vocal