Lyrics & mp3 Copy of Studio Recording
Seems as Though
I'm a Step from Paradise
by Frank McKinnon


Snow is fallin' down.
It seems to bring peace to the world.
There's a set of footprints
that I can only see
in my dreams
in my dreams.

And even though I can't talk with you tonight,
my heart is full of love.
I don't know what tomorrow will bring.
But it seems as though
I'm a step from paradise.

All I can do
is watch the snow fall
and think about what I'd like to say.
Maybe, tomorrow,
when the sun is shinin' bright,
I'll talk with you.
I'll talk with you.




mp3 Copy of Studio Recording, Recorded in 2000

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[mp3 Copy of Studio Recording]

Sara Montgomery....................Cello
Frank McKinnon....Guitar and Vocal

[Youtube Video of Frank McKinnon Playing Guitar Chords and Singing Seems as Though I'm a Step from Paradise in 2013]