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Front Porch Swing
Written and Recorded
by Frank McKinnon


Sittin' on the front porch swing,
makin' this ol' guitar ring,
watchin' the sun goin' down.
The frogs in the pond
will be singin' all night long,
and the crickets will join
in their refrain.

And our tomorrows
may be someone's yesterday.
I'm not sayin'
it's a second hand world.
But it may work out that way.
And our tomorrows
may be someone's yesterday.
Don't think we need to hurry.
We may fall along the way.
Don't think we need to hurry
at all.

Wish this world could slow down,
and stop all its fightin'.
Then, people could
look around and see.
And, maybe, they would
find the love;
oh the love
that can set us all free.



MP3 Copy of Studio Recording,
Recorded in 2000

If your computer won't play it on this page, then try the link below.

[MP3 Copy of Studio Recording]

David Smith: Guitar
Frank McKinnon: Guitar and Vocal