Lyrics & MP3 Copy
of a Studio Recording
Chevy Van
Written by Sammy Johns
Recorded by Frank McKinnon


I gave a girl
a ride in my wagon.
She crawled in
and took control.
She was tired
as her mind was dragin'.
I said: Get some sleep
and dream of Rock and Roll.

Like a picture,
she was laying there,
moonlight dancin' off her hair.
She woke up
and took me by the hand.
She's gonna love me
in my Chevy van.
And that's alright with me.

Her young face
was like that of an angel.
Her long leggs
were tanned and brown.
You better keep
your mind on the road son.
You better slow
this vehicle down.


I let her out
in a town that was so small
you could throw a rock
from end to end.
A dirt field main street,
she walked in her bare feet.
It's a shame I won't be
passin' this way again.



mp3 Copy of Studio Recording,
Recorded in 2022

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[mp3 Copy of Studio Recording]

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