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Carolina in the Pines
Written by Michael Martin Murphy
Recorded by Frank McKinnon


She came to me,
said she knew me,
said she'd known me a long time.
And she spoke of
being in love
with every mountain
she had climbed.
And she talked of
trails she'd walked up
far above the temberline.
From that night on
I knew I'd write songs
with Carolina in the pines.

There's a new moon
on the fourteenth;
first quarter,
the twenty-first.
And a full moon
in the last week
brings a fullness
to this earth.
There's no guesswork
in the clockwork
of the world's heart or mind.
There are nights
I only feel rifht
with Carolina in the pines.

When the frost shows
on the windows
and the woodstove
smokes and glows,
as the fire grows,
we can warm our souls
watchin' rainbows in the coals.
And we'll talk of
trails we walked up
far above the temberline.
There are nights I
only feel right
with Carolina in the pines.
There are nights I
only feel right
with Carolina in the pines.

MP3 Copy of Studio Recording,
Recorded in 2022

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[mp3 Copy of Studio Recording]

Frank McKinnon:
Bass Guitar

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