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Story of Robin's Locksmith Services Continued on May 9, 2024

Robin's Locksmith Services is still suspended from the Google Business Listing. I went to the "Help Center" where I saw a note saying that I had submitted an appeal on April 29, 2024. I checked the status of the appeal, and it says that they are still working on it.

I have enjoyed using Google for many years, not only for having our business listed on the Google Business Listing but also for many other services that Google provides. However, they are reorganizing in an unpredictable way, right now, and the Google Business Listing might continue to be messed up for a long time.

Robin's Locksmith Services (formerly Affordable Locksmithing) depends on our website being visible on the internet.

One of the things that makes our website more visible is when people visit it. I think that the more visitors we have on our website the more our website will be noticed by search engines. Our new website has been up for a month, and it says that it has has had 6,678 visitors. I believe that might be some people visiting it more than once.

Good reviews on business listings make our website more visible.

Bad reviews reduce our visibility. That usually happen when a customer is unsuccesful in getting us to unlock something or make a key for them when they have no official evidience of ownership. For example, unlocking a car requires that we see a person holding an ID with their name and picture on it along with either the registration, or the insurance, or the title with the same name on it before we leave their location when we are done.

Some business listing suggest that I ask customers for reviews, and some of them say that I will be penalized if I ask customers for reviews. I have difficulty remembering which ones will penalize me, so I am not asking. But the business listings, which we are on, include the following:

Robin's Locksmith Services on Yelp

Robin's Locksmith Services on ezlocal

Robin's Locksmith Services on superpages

Robin's Locksmith Services on manta

Robin's Locksmith Services on YP The Real Yellow Pages

Robin's Locksmith Services on Hotfrog

Robin's Locksmith Services on Angi

Robin's Locksmith Services on MapQuest