Music and Stories by Frank McKinnon at Robin's Lockmith Services; A Locksmith in Roswell, New Mexico (575) 420-8199

Stories of Robin's Locksmith Services on May 4, 2024

Before I continue telling this story, I should mention that "Robin's Lockmith Services"(formerly called "Affordable Locksmithing") is a mobile locksmith business located in Roswell, New Mexico. The phone number is (575) 420-8199. This is where I have been working since 2003 whenever I have not been performing music or teaching. We serve customers in Roswell, Midway, Dexter, Hagerman, Lake Arthur, and the rest of Chaves County, New Mexico.

When I started telling this story, on May 1st, I described how our "Affordable Locksmithing" Google Business Listing started disappearing on Feburary 14. I spent many hours everyday trying to get our Google Business Listing for "Affordable Locksmithing" to be visible again. Then, I gave up and changed the name of our business to "Robin's Lockmith Services," on April 8, 2024. It is May 4th, and we still have no Google Business Listing.

All we need to stay in business is a free Google Business Listing, like we have had for years.

I followed the instructions and succeeded in getting our business (Affordable Locksmithing) verified at least 4 times. Then, I did the same thing with the new name (Robin's Locksmith Services) 2 more times. Each time that happened, I received word from Google that everything was good. Then, I received word from Google telling me that my Google Business Listing was suspended because it violated their policy, but they didn't say which policy it violated. Then, I recieved phone calls from several contractors who claimed to be associated with Google. They told me that they could help me get my Google Business Listing up again if I paid them.

I have, also, received a few emails offering $500.00 worth of free advertising. All I had to do was give them my credit card information for them to use after the free advertising period ended. All we need, for us to be able to stay in business, is the free Google Business Listing. But I bit the hook and gave them my credit card information a week ago because I thought it might help with the Google Business Listing.

As I mentioned on May 1st, there is a website for Affordable Locksmithing that I made a few years ago that I do not own anymore. This is a link to it."" I cannot edit it because I don't own it anymore. It needs to be updated, because it lists some services that we no longer do. I don't know who owns it. The phone number (575) 420-7321 is forwarded to (575) 420-8199. Unfortunately, that website is the main reason that we have been recieving calls for locksmithing jobs while our Google Business Listing has been gone. We are, currently, making less than half of what we normally make.

Our new website for Robin's Locksmith Services "" is becoming more visible each day. But it is not accomplishing much yet.

If you know anyone that works for Google and who might be able to help me fix this problem, please ask them to either email or call (575) 420-8199.