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Riding in the S.S. Yellar Goose in 1969

I was 7 years old in 1969. We rode in the “SS Yaller Goose” through all the states in the eastern half of the United States. We visited Philadelphia where I touched the crack in the Liberty Bell. We visited Plymouth where we saw Plymouth Rock and took a fishing boat out on the ocean for a day. We walked up the stairs inside the Statue of Liberty. We saw the White House in Washington, DC. We walked by a theater in New York City where the production of “Hair” was playing, and we camped in the basement of the YMCA. We camped in a place, called Woodstock, where we listened to some bands play some great music. We visited Niagara Falls. We rented some canoes in Ely, Minnesota and spent a couple weeks canoeing in crystal clear lakes and camping on islands. One day, we portaged the canoes up into Canada. Toward the end of that summer trip, the “SS Yaller Goose” broke down in Denver. So, we spent a day watching fast pitch softball games while it was being repaired in a shop.