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Yacht Trip from Seattle

I know it happened at least one time, but it might have happened twice, between 1966 and 1970, when part of my fatherโ€™s 90 day traveling summer camp - with about 40 junior high school students from Roswell, New Mexico - involved taking a yacht trip from Seattle to a few campgrounds along the western coast of Canada. The marine life and scenery we saw, and the experiences we had were beautiful, unique, and unforgettable.

While we were on the yacht trip, the skipper noticed that I was intrigued when I was watching him steer the yacht. He asked me to take over steering the yacht for a while. He told me to take us halfway between two islands which were a mile or two away from us. The water was extremely deep and clear. As we were passing halfway between the islands, we were about 75 meters from each of them. Even though the skipper was near enough to me to take over steering if I steered us off course, I felt thrilled to be having such an immense responsility.