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Getting Ready for Gigs and Concerts

May 10, 2023:

I believe that I am still about a year away from being ready to play any gigs or concerts again. But things are coming together in a very good way with my music. Things, which I am working on for that purpose, include the following:

– PHYSICAL FITNESS: Anyone who has been with me in person, during the past 15 years, very likely knows how slow I have been, knows how weak I have been, knows how messed up my flexibility has been, and knows how overweight I have been. All of that is getting better, and I believe I will be completely healed by May 2024.

– PRACTICING MUSIC AND ORGANIZING A BAND: So far, the only thing that is set in stone is that I am practicing, and that I have a strong desire to start performing music in public again.

– WEBSITE AND SOCIAL MEDIA: The website, which I started creating for my music a few months ago, is getting about a thousand views per day. Right now, my website service says that it has 82,589 views. The Facebook page, which I most recently created for sharing my music, has 393 followers. I started a Twitter page a couple of weeks ago, and it is starting to grow.